Executive Team


Todd Davis


Entrepreneur and communications industry veteran Todd Davis has had an unparalleled track record of success in the business world.   After graduation from Clarkson University in the late 90’s, Todd joined Harris Corporation in Rochester, NY as a Software Engineer. He earned the opportunity to travel the world and speak to the customers of Harris about their industry leading military radio product line, visiting over 30 countries on behalf of the company and confirming his belief that America is the greatest country in the world.   During his time at Harris, Todd also earned his MBA at the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester.

A few years after leaving Harris to pursue an opportunity in commercial telecommunications equipment sales, Todd started a company, Surplus Switching, in the basement of his home with only $15000 in capital and 5 years later the company had sold over $30M in equipment to telecommunications service providers throughout the world.

Since selling his interest in Surplus Switching several years ago, Todd has been CEO at Precision Optical Transceivers, which he has grown to become an industry leader. Precision is helping to enable our customers participation in the necessary industry-wide transition from turnkey systems to white box and component level purchasing.   Precision provides quality products, customized cloud software and unmatched system engineering support to our worldwide customer base.

Todd’s vision for Veluxsys is to build the next great American radio company. He believes the business opportunity presented by the industry movement towards open Radio Access Network architectures will be similar to the optical transport equipment boom of the late 1990s and enable rapid growth for new entrants into the marketplace with disruptive technology like Veluxsys.

When not thinking about business, Todd enjoys spending time with his family, golfing and skiing.  He believes that the only experience in life better than skiing powder is skiing powder with his children.


Bryce Tennant


Bryce Tennant is the co-founder and CTO of Veluxsys out of Rochester, New York. His aim with the company is to leverage the unique capabilities and strengths of integrated photonics to form more capable and cost-effective system solutions for millimeter wave radio communications. Bryce’s role is ultimately to facilitate the development of the team and the technology internally as well as to foster strong external relationships with Veluxsys.

Prior to forming Veluxsys with Todd Davis, Bryce was the CTO of Precision Optical Transceivers. He holds his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering / Signal Processing from Rochester Institute of Technology. Bryce has over 20 years of industry experience in integrated photonics and packaging, fiber optic communication systems, RF communications systems, digital signal processing, real-time embedded development, software defined radios, and audio/acoustics. Before joining Precision Optical Transceivers, Bryce was the DSP/Audio Systems Architect for Harris Corporation out of Rochester, NY. He holds 9 patents and 3 papers in various fields of optics, signal processing, and communications systems. His current academic and industrial interests center around all optical signal processing applications and integrated photonic systems and solutions, primarily with a focus on the manufacturing challenges of medium to high volume applications.

Bryce has a strong passion for complex radio systems and is excited to continue to advance the state of the art through photonic integration. Rochester, New York has a rich optics and photonics history along with a separate RF communications legacy. With Veluxsys being located at the heart of these two industries, it has the unique opportunity to be the first to leverage both integrated photonics and SDR to form the next generation of communication systems.

When not at work Bryce enjoys spending time with his wife. Every Friday they visit the same restaurant where the staff have become dear friends and extended family. Bryce also enjoys cooking, exploring wine, relaxing with a good book, working on nerdy math problems, and hiking in the woods. Though time is a premium lately, his favorite interest is in woodworking; particularly designing and building custom speakers for home audio systems. This combines all his interests (except for wine…that does not go well with table saws) into one perfect relaxing hobby. He also has an unexplained passion for classic horror/sci-fi films and the more than occasional B-Rated movie, which absolutely does go well with wine.